Beware! Do Not Fall For Meesho Speed Post Scam

Victims receive a post purportedly from Messho, an online shopping portal, claiming that they have won a significant cash prize.

A new scam is fooling unsuspecting people through a cleverly designed speed post. Scamsters of this scam use the name “Messho” to lure people into a false sense of winning a substantial amount of money. 

Here are the details of this scam and guidance on how to protect yourself from falling victim to such schemes.

What is the scam?

Victims receive a post purportedly from Messho, an online shopping portal, claiming that they have won a significant cash prize. In the post, there is a scratch card with a code, and a message proclaiming the recipient as the winner of the amount in cash.

The letter instructs the receiver to call a specific helpline number. This is the first step where scammers attempt to establish direct contact with their victims. Once the victim calls the helpline number, they are greeted by a fraudster posing as a representative of Messho. The scammer then requests the SMS code found on the scratch card. 

After providing the SMS code, the victim is falsely informed that they have indeed won the promised cash prize. To claim the money, the fraudster instructs the victim to share their bank details.

Last year also, same reports had emerged on social media.

Meesho Clarification

Messho has confirmed that they are not involved in any such lottery or prize scheme and advises against sharing personal information.

“We have noticed that there have been several incidents where Meesho’s name is misused to collect personal information as well as to cheat and mislead the customers,”Meesho said on its Website. “Please note that such incidents are scam and must be immediately reported to us.”

Meesho also shared safety tips for users to follow.

  • Be vigilant. Do not divulge any personal or sensitive data including bank details such as OTP, UPI/ATM PIN, CVV, or credit/debit card details to anyone claiming to be a Meesho representative.
  • Ensure that you do not click on any suspicious links or any unauthorized web portals or social media posts.
  • Watch out for any suspicious calls, fake messages, unsolicited or spam e-mails, and any communication sent to you by the unauthorized person(s) asking you to share any personal information malafidely under the pretext of processing refund claims, soliciting to participate in any unauthorized offers, lotteries, contests or scheme or asking for payment of money for such participation or to receive any award thereof or offering any job opportunity.
  • Avoid paying any money or deposit funds to any person wrongfully claiming to be Meesho’s representative or job consultant(s). Neither Meesho nor any of its representatives or authorized recruitment consultants take money or any other kind of payment for jobs.

Scammers are continuously designing new tactics to exploit unsuspecting people. By being vigilant, verifying information, and refusing to share sensitive details, you can protect yourself from falling prey to scams like these. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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