Beware! Do Not Fall For Scam Calls In The Name Of TRAI

Imagine one fine day, you are minding your own business and receive a call from an unknown number. After pleasant greetings, the person from the other end tells you that he/she is from some government body, police, or customs department. 

They inform you that an illegal activity has been done in your name. Not only that, but they also offer you a way to get out of this trouble. They ask you for money in exchange for clearing your name of the so-called crime.

Would you give money to these callers? Hopefully not, but many people do. 

Thousands of people fall for such fraud calls, only to be duped of their hard-earned money. 

Take the example of a tech employee who lost Rs 3.7 crore to a fraudulent call from impostors posing as Mumbai Police and TRAI officials.

A senior executive at Infosys in Bengaluru was entrapped in a scam where impostors, posing as officials from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and Mumbai police, the Times of India reported.

He got a call from someone pretending to be from TRAI. The fake caller said that there was a case against him in a Mumbai police station for doing some illegal activities. They also said that his Aadhar card was connected to a money laundering case. 

Feeling worried and under pressure, he transferred 3.7 crore rupees to different bank accounts in the two days. 

He thought this would solve the legal problems. But it turned out to be a scam.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of fraudulent calls, especially in the name TRAI. 

What is TRAI Scam Call?

Generally, in such a scam call, someone pretends to be from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). They typically claim that there’s an issue with your mobile number or allege that your Aadhaar card details have been linked to illegal activities. 

The scammers might say your number would be disconnected or even threaten you with legal action unless you fulfil their demands. 

They often ask for money or personal information under the pretext of resolving the so-called issue. They sometimes even ask you to be on a video call to make it more believable.

Don’t Believe – Don’t Fall

If you receive such a call, remember that TRAI doesn’t make unsolicited calls like this. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a warning regarding such incidents.

TRAI clarified that it does not block/disconnect any mobile number of any telecom customers. TRAI never sends any message or make any call for disconnection of mobile numbers. TRAI has not authorized any agency to contact customers for such activities.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) also issued an advisory that calls are being received by the citizens wherein callers, in the name of DoT, are threatening that all of their mobile numbers would be disconnected or their mobile numbers are being misused in some illegal activities. Cybercriminals through such calls try to threaten/steal personal information to carry out cyber-crime/financial fraud.

How To Report Scam Call

You can report such scam calls in the name of TRAI to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal ( or at the ‘Chakshu-Report Suspected Fraud Communications’ facility of the Sanchar Saathi portal (

You can also register complaint by calling the Cyber Crime Helpline (1930).

It’s important to stay cautious and not share any sensitive information or make any payments to these scammers. Always verify the authenticity of the caller before taking any action.

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